Getting Started


This guide explains how to perform Jit tasks that are typically the responsibility of your engineering organization's product security champion— beginning with your organization's onboarding with Jit.


Who is a product security champion?

The product security champion is responsible for deploying Jit, managing the security plan, and the general administration of the Jit solution. In practice, security champions are typically technical leads in the R&D organization who have a clear, high-level perspective on the unique product security needs of their cloud apps' assets.

Onboard your dev organization

Follow the steps below to onboard your organization with Jit. This procedure enables you to get started with Jit, and implement a product security plan that provides ongoing protection.

Step 1: Sign up at

Step 2: Integrate Jit with your source code management platform. We currently support GitHub.

Step 3: Activate your product security plan.

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