Users and Permissions

Users & Permissions has the following tabs:

  • Users, where you can invite new users, edit roles, force logout or delete users.
  • Audit Logs, which displays audit logs which can also be downloaded.
  • API Tokens, which displays API token metadata and also allows you to generate new API tokens that can be used to access Jit APIs, for example from CLI scripts.

User roles and permissions

AdminInvite members
Change users roles. For example, from Member to Admin
Create API tokens and define where they are used
Perform all options and actions on the Jit platform
Engineering ManagerActivate teams and view their My Teams data
MemberAll options and actions on the Jit platform apart from inviting members and creating tokens
DeveloperView specific pages via links

Accessing Users & Permissions

Go to the left menu, scroll to Settings and then to Users and Permissions.

Invite UserInvite a user with Jit permissions
UserUser with Jit permissions
RolesSee Roles & Permissions above
JoinedDate and time of the first login
Last seenDate and time of last login

Inviting new users

  1. Click Invite User.

  2. Click Copy Invite Link.

  3. Optional: Click Edit, select a new expiration date and then click Save.

  4. Copy the invite and send the link to the new user. We recommend sending the link via Slack.

  5. Optional: To deactivate a link after it has been sent, repeat steps 1 to 3 above and then click Deactivate link.

Displaying User management audit logs

  1. Go to User Management and select Audit Logs.

  2. Click Download to download an Audit Log data.

Generating API tokens

  1. Go to Users & Permissionsand select API Tokens.

  2. Click Generate Token.

  3. Complete the Description field, select a role and then click Create.

  4. Copy the Client ID and Secret Key.

  5. We recommend using GitHub secrets when using Jit APIs. Go to GitHub, and in the repo running GitHub Actions secrets and variables, click New repository secret and paste the secret.

What’s Next