User Management


Jit supports multi-user access to the Jit platform, enabling your organization to divide the responsibilities of security between multiple team members. User management enables you to add and remove users from your tenant.

Managing Users

To view current users, select the user avatar icon in the top right corner of the Jit platform UI and select the User Management option.

All users display in a table that includes each individual user's role, joined (date and time of first login), and last seen statistics.

To invite a new user—

  1. Select Invite User.
  2. Select Copy Invite Link.
  3. Send this link to whomever you wish to add as a new user.

To view the user management audit logs, select the Audit Logs tab in the left side of the user management dialog. This page displays user activity as a chronological list of events. The action column describes what type of event prompted the creation of the log entry. Log entries also contain a time, an IP address, and a description. Select the Download button to download this data.

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