SOC2 by Drata


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The SOC2 by Drata plan automates important technical controls to provide best-in-class vulnerability management and SDLC (Secure Development Lifecycle) capabilities for your SOC2 compliance program.

Using Jit to automate key technical SOC2 controls

To activate automated evidence collection in Drata via Jit—

  1. Create an API Key in Drata with the scope outlined in the help Center documentation.
  2. Login to your Jit Account at
  3. Create an API Token. Follow the instructions here.
  4. On the Jit integration page, click on the Drata card.
  5. Fill in these fields:
    1. Jit Client ID
    2. Jit Secret Key
    3. Drata API Key
    4. Drata user’s email - The owner you want this evidence to be associated with.
    5. Drata Workspace - The workspace you want the evidence to be uploaded to.
  6. Choose which Drata controls to automate evidence collection in the SOC2 by Drata plan and select "Activate"/

If you have any further questions or need more assistance, please contact us.