Require Branch Protection for SCM


Branch protection is an important GitHub feature that enables you to protect git branches from unauthorized modifications. By setting branch protection, you can define whether collaborators can delete or force push to the branch and set requirements for any pushes to that branch. For example, requirements like minimum number of approvers for PRs and a list of mandatory status checks.

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DataSaaS vulnerabilitybp-github-checker (Jit Internal Tool)


  • Required number of approvals — When enabled, Jit will check whether pull requests targeting the default branch require this number of approvals before they can be merged.
  • Require status checks — When enabled, Jit will check whether these status checks must pass before pull requests can be merged to the default branch.


Recommended configuration

Jit strongly recommends all users use this requirement to validate branch protection rules requiring passage of the Jit Security status check before merging.

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