Integrating with

Integrating with Jit streamlines the process of assigning security-related items directly to Engineering and Security teams from the Jit platform. Learn more about this here.

Web app integration


  1. In Jit's webapp, go to the Integrations page:

  2. Find the "" card and click "Connect".

  3. You should now see a Monday integration window. Click on "Connect" at the top right corner.

    • You will now need to supply your personal access token that will be used to create items.
    1. Log into your account.

    2. Click on your avatar/profile picture in the top right corner.

    3. Select Developer. This will open the Developer Center in another tab.

    4. Click Developer > My Access Tokens > Show.

    5. Copy your personal token. Please note that you can always regenerate a new token, but doing so will cause any previous tokens to expire.

    6. Paste it in the "Monday API Token" textbox.

    Learn more in Monday documentation.

  4. If the token is valid, You can now choose the default board to create issues on.

Sample item


  • An extra column named "External ID-GUID will be added to the item with the value "Opened-by-jit".
  • Subitems, as detailed in this support article, are not supported. If selected on the configuration screen, the create items action will fail with an InvalidBoardIdException. The error message will read: Can't create an item on subitems board. Please use create_subitem mutation. To avoid this issue, please select a primary board instead.