Integrating with JIRA


Integrating with JIRA enables you to:

  • Create JIRA issues for the entire Actions or any number of individual findings directly from the Actions page.
  • Create JIRA issues for single or multiple security findings directly from the Backlog page.

Steps for integrating with JIRA

  1. Generate an API token from your Atlassian account. See JIRA documentation for instructions.

  2. From the Jit platform, select Secrets in the menu bar under Settings.

  3. Follow the instructions in Secrets to store this API token as a secret.

  4. Select Integrations.

  5. Locate the JIRA tile and select Integrate as-code. You are taken to the jit-integration.yml file. Add your API token and relevant JIRA data to this file. If the option to integrate as-code is not available, you may need to manually addjit-integration.yml to the repo containing Jit's configuration files.

          api_token: ${{ jit_secrets.jira-token }}
          email: [email protected]
          domain: extract_from_jira
          project_id: 10001
          issue_type_id: 10002
              - value: "1"
jira:Integration type. Key must be jira:. The JIRA integration is nested in this mapping. The jit-integration.yml file does not support concurrent integration of different ticket management systems.
jira-engineering:This key is the name you choose for your JIRA integration. jira-engineering is used in the above example.
api_token:See procedure steps.
email:Enter the contact email of your security champion.
domain:See JIRA documentation for details.
project_id:See JIRA documentation for details.
issue_type_id:See JIRA documentation for details.
fields:Use this mapping to define any custom fields that are required for ticket creation in your JIRA workspace.