Security Plans


The Security Plans page displays information about your security plan which can be editted. This view also enables you to determine which security requirements are running successfully (active) and which security requirements are inactive. When all security requirements are active, the plan is 100% complete. Plan completeness is displayed in a widget on the upper left side of the page.

Viewing security requirement details

To view the details of a security requirement, select it from the table.

For detailed information on specific security requirements, see Security plan reference.


Security requirement details

  • Title
  • What will Jit do? Information on how Jit addresses this security requirement.
  • Integrations Third-party to which Jit requires access to address this security requirement.
  • Supported Languages Each specific security tool and its respective language compatibility.

Viewing your plan code on Github

To view the YAML code of your plan saved in the .jit repository, click Live on Github. Github opens in a new browser window.

Activating security requirements

  1. To activate a security requirement, locate it in the list and click Activate.
  2. To test the security requirement, click Test me to create a test pull request in a pipeline in the Pipelines page. For more test instructions, see Security Pipelines.



Some security requirements cannot be activated until additional configuration steps are completed. For more information, refer to the specific security requirement in Security Requirements.