Ticketing Management Systems (TMS) integrations

Integrating with Jira, Linear or Shortcut

Integrating your TMS into Jit enables you to efficiently assign security-related tickets from Jit directly to Engineering and Security teams. Each ticket holds full details about the identified vulnerability or vulnerabilities which can be handled by the assigned team members in their native work environment.

  • Jit currently supports Jira, Shortcut and Linear integrations.
  • Only one type of TMS can be integrated into Jit.
  • Tickets are assigned in the Actions and Backlog pages.
  • Tickets assigned in the Actions page hold remediation instructions.

By integrating your TMS into Jit, you can use its options to manage security as part of your ongoing sprints.

Integration instructions

In the Integrations page go to the TMS and click Integrate as code.

To complete the integration, see the following:

Ticketing instructions

Tickets can only be assigned after the TMS has been integrated.

Actions page

Tickets opened in the Actions page hold remediation instructions. The same ticket can hold details about multiple vulnerabilities of the same type which can be remediated by the same action.

In the Actions page, go to the Action and then click Create ticket.

Backlog page

Tickets can be opened for one or more findings.

In the Backlog page, select one or multiple findings and then click Create ticket.

Tickets will be created with all the findings details.