The Overview page displays a summary of key Jit metrics and functions and provides security champions with the updated information they need about their organization's security status so that they can take Action. It has the following sections:


This section displays your organization's total Detected Findings, total Pull Requests with Findings, and total Resolved Findings over the selected period. Additionally, you can view your Developers' Efficiency (see Security Impact), as well as your Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and Resolved Pre Production statistics (see Performance).


This section displays any Actions that are available for you to remediate. For further information on Actions, see Actions.


This section displays your current utilization of Jit's security controls, as well as the resources that are covered by these controls. Use this information to identify and resolve gaps in security coverage. If you want to add additional security controls, or add resources, select the Activate Security Controls or Add Resources links.

Security posture

This section displays the number of security findings that are currently open for each of your active security controls.