Developers Getting Started

Change-based security testing and auto-remediation in Pull-Requests


With Jit, developers can focus on building great applications in a high-velocity development without the need to worry about introducing new security risks. Jit ensures that developers only receive alerts if important vulnerabilities are introduced in recent code changes. Jit accomplishes this by integrating with GitHub and providing ongoing monitoring of newly added code inside pull requests.

Jit provides a native GitHub experience that keeps developers in the environment they are used to without the need to context-switch to a different 3rd party solution. Whenever a pull request is created, Jit runs the relevant security tools according to the plan defined by the security champion. This process creates an automatic security review— enabling developers to act upon the detected issues using either Jit's guidelines or automated remediation.

What’s Next

See how Jit continuously monitors your code to avoid merging new security vulnerabilities in your code base.