AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)


The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) is a valuable tool that allows you to assess and address potential risks in your software or solutions. It is applicable whether you deliver your software as a SaaS solution or deploy it for your customers.

By achieving an approved FTR, partners can earn a "Reviewed by AWS" solutions badge, unlock funding benefits, accelerate business growth, gain co-selling opportunities with AWS, and become eligible to participate in various AWS Partner Programs.

The primary purpose of the FTR is to identify AWS Well-Architected best practices that are specifically relevant to your software or solution. By conducting the FTR, you gain insights into areas where you can improve and align your architecture with industry-leading standards.

The FTR plan is designed to automate and guide you towards the review, you have the flexibility to perform it at any stage of your cloud journey.

Taking advantage of the AWS Foundational Technical Review enhances the quality, security, and performance of your AWS deployments. Read more about AWS FTR

The benefits of gaining AWS FTR assessment

  1. Access to AWS Partner Benefits: Upon FTR approval, you gain access to various AWS Partner benefits. These benefits may include funding opportunities, eligibility for the AWS Competency Program (validating your expertise in specific areas), and participation in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, which helps you co-sell your solutions.

  2. 'Reviewed by AWS' Badge: By obtaining FTR approval, you earn a distinguished 'reviewed by AWS' solution badge. This badge serves as a mark of recognition from AWS, showcasing that your software or solutions have undergone a comprehensive review process and meet AWS standards.

  3. Listing in AWS Partner Solution Finder: An approved FTR enables your software to be listed in the AWS Partner Solution Finder. This listing provides a dedicated platform for customers to easily discover and contact you. It enhances your visibility and makes it convenient for potential customers to engage with your offerings.

These benefits not only contribute to the credibility and visibility of your software or solutions but also open up opportunities for growth, collaboration, and increased market reach.

Using Jit to achieve AWS FTR approval

To achieve AWS FTR approval via Jit—

  1. Sign up or log in to Jit.
    a. To do this, use your GitHub account for authentication.
  2. Integrate your AWS account with Jit.
  3. Navigate to the Security Plans section.
  4. Choose the AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Review) plan and set the AWS FTR plan as your goal.
  5. Review the FTR Checklist.
    The checklist consists of two types of security checks:

    a. Automated Controls: These plan items need to be activated. They will run and finish with a status. These items will run every day on schedule to ensure continuous security.

    b. Manual Items: These plan items need to be manually filled out, by setting their status.
  6. Activate the automated plan items to initiate the security scan. If there are multiple checks associated with the same security tool, they will run simultaneously.
  7. Set the status for manual items. Choose Passed, Failed, or Not Applicable. You can also include comments if necessary.
  8. Automated plan items will auto-run and report the status. Failed items need to be remediated. Click on view findings.

    a. This will redirect you to the backlog, where you can review the findings specifically related to that item.

    b. Visit the action page to review suggested actions for fixing the identified findings.
  9. Close all the findings by fixing issues until you reach 100%.
  10. Export the plan results, upload the csv file to the AWS Partner portal and submit a review request.

If you have any further questions or need more assistance, please contact us.