Shortcut integration

Integrating with Shortcut

Integrating Shortcut into Jit enables you to efficiently assign security-related stories from Jit directly to Engineering and Security teams. Learn more here.

Integration steps

  • Step 1: Creating an API token in your Shortcut account.
  • Step 2: Assigning a secret to the API token in Jit.
  • Step 3: Adding the secret's name and other fields to the jit-integration.yml file in the Jit centralized repo.

Step 1: Creating the API token

  1. Login to your Shortcut account

  2. Go to Settings > API Tokens.

    1. Choose a Token Name. We recommend Jit_token.
    2. Click Generate Token.
    3. Copy the generated token displayed on the screen to the clipboard.

Learn more in Shourtcut documentation.

Step 2: Assigning a secret to the API token

  1. In the Jit platform, go to Settings and click Secrets.

  2. Click Create new secret to add the API token. We recommend naming the secret - shorcut_token.

Learn more about Secrets.

Step 3: Creating the integration

  1. In the Jit platform, go to Integrations and scroll to the Shortcut tile.

  2. Click Integrate as-code to display the jit-integration.yml file in your centralized Jit repo.

  3. Paste the following Shorcut integration-structure in the file.

      api_token: ${{ jit_secrets.`secret_name` }}
      project_id: `shortcut_project_id`
  1. Update the keys using the following information:
shortcut_integration_nameGive a name for this specific integration, it can be your Shortcut workspace name, e.g.,Engineering.
secret_nameThe secret name defined in Step 2, e.g., shortcut_token.
shortcut_project_idThe project ID can be found in the URL of your Shortcut workspace: `

For example:

      api_token: ${{ secrets.shortcut_token }}
      Project_id: "engineering"