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This documentation is your go-to resource for effectively utilizing Jit's features and achieving secure, high-velocity software development.

Jit vision

At Jit, our vision is to transform security into a high-velocity automated practice. We are committed to building the platform and tooling that enables this transformation and to become the first Open DevSecOps platform.

Jit is a continuous security platform for modern, DevOps-oriented engineering teams that value velocity over everything else and for high-velocity engineering teams that own product security and follow a < all > as-code, cloud-native, CI/CD development approach.

Jit makes it simple to embed security requirements across the DevOps workflow.

Jit provides a Security Plan as Code (SaC) and orchestrates all the security tools in all the layers of a cloud app. This includes the code, CI/CD pipeline, cloud infrastructure, web apps, APIs, and more.

For early-stage developer teams and projects, Jit offers a minimal viable security plan which facilitates rapid initial success followed by iterative improvements in product security posture.

Getting started with Jit

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